Triggering a pipeline run using webservice api

In order to integrate a pipeline with other software components, possibly running outside RZT aiOS, one need to have the capability to initiate a pipeline run through a remote api call. To address this, RZT aiOS provide a mechanism to trigger a pipeline run using a webservice request. This tutorial guides you through how to generate a webservice endpoint for a pipeline run and how to initiate a run using the generated api endpoint

1. Initiate a pipeline run through IDE

In order to generate an endpoint for triggering pipeline run, one first needs to run the pipeline from IDE. Start a pipeline run from IDE and wait for the execution to complete. To learn how to initiate a pipeline execution click here

2. Navigate to pipeline runs page by clicking on tab PIPELINE RUNS

Go to the pipeline runs page and locate the pipeline run for which you need to generate endpoint. Click on the action menu at the right end of the row and select option Generate API Endpoint 1

3. Proivde endpoint name

Enter a name for identifying the endpoint and select the checkbox Redirect to Setting page after generating API endpoint. Click on GENERATE button 1

4. View endpoint url and request

A new endpoint for the pipeline run is generated and you are directed to the page API Endpoint under Settings. Click on the newly created endpoint to view the request url and parameters 1


5. Initiate pipeline run using api

Use any webservice api testing tool to prepare a request using the endpoint url, request header and request body as given in the API endpoint details page above. Submit the request and view the response. Here is the sample response obtained by posting a request using postman 1

6. The pipeline execution will be initiated and can be monitored in pipeline runs page of IDE. (TODO add last screenshot)